RETURN HERE - When you finish the course

Congratulations (if indeed you have worked your way through each module and quiz) ... if you haven't 'kia tere' and get to it!

We are constantly working to better the functionality of notifications between the Moodle platform, your progression through the Manaaki Program and you (the user) and your employer.  So once you have completed the course (and within 24 hours) you should receive a prompt email from us and the system acknowledging this and next steps.  

However, if this doesn't happen within 24 hours and you don't receive any notification could you please do the following;

a) Advise your employer or supervisor that you have completed the course, and

b) Send an email to advising of your completion and your username and password 

We will then set about confirming completion details and issuing you with a Manaaki Rotorua completion certificate - acknowledging your efforts and achievement! 

Last modified: Wednesday, 5 June 2019, 9:49 AM